Need For Digital Marketing Strategy


Developing a digital marketing strategy is relatively easy; however, many organizations have not yet developed a digital strategy plan. The informal poll which has been conducted a few years back shows a big improvement in the digital marketing. Thunder Rank offers successful SEO techniques. For more information on the benefits of SEO read

The latest research suggests that although companies have taken steps to develop a digital marketing, their strategies and plans are not up to the mark. Improving digital marketing will help in understanding the position of the company now and where it wants to be in the future. There are a series of benchmarks that can be downloaded which covers the overall digital strategies like social media, email marketing, search, and site design.

However, using digital marketing without a strategy is also commonly seen among companies and few of them have used the digital media effectively in getting great results for their search, marketing of social media or emails. But it is also seen among most of the companies that without proper digital marketing, they fail to utilize all the opportunities presented to them. There are also many challenges to face in digital marketing which cannot be overcome without proper strategies. However, this mainly depends on the size of the organization. Larger organizations will have more challenges and will definitely need a strategy, but smaller companies need not follow strategies for digital marketing.

There are two stages in creating a digital marketing plan. First, a digital marketing plan is created for the purpose of getting agreements and buy-in by mapping out the path to set goals and strategies to integrate the digital marketing in other businesses. Second, the digital gets integrated into the core activity, but it does not warrant a separate activity. Listed below are the most common problems encounters when there is no strategy.

Not having clear goals
Companies that do not have a digital strategy often lack clear goals for the future. They do not have a clear plan of what they want to achieve online, in terms of building better relationships with existing customers and gaining new customers. If there are no goals, then enough resources will not be put into achieving it.

Not knowing the company’s online market share
If the online market share of a company Is not researched properly, then the customer demand may be underestimated. Then it will be difficult to understand the company’s online marketplace.

Competitors gaining market share
When enough resources are not dedicated to the digital marketing, then existing competitors and startup companies will gain market share.

Not knowing the online customers well enough
Digital is considered as the most measurable medium ever. However, other tools for feedbacks must be used to gain the customer review. Only this will help in finding out the weak points and addressing them.

It is less effective when the digital marketing is separate. It has been proved that digital media works well when it is integrated with response channels and traditional media.

Not being able to catch up
Often, the top online brands like Google, Amazon, Zappos, Tesco, etc. try new approaches to keep their online customers interested and to gain new customers. It is important to stay agile and catch-up with the trend.