A Guide On How To Convert MP4 To AVI

An MP4 is among the most common file formats for videos, online or offline. It is widely accepted by most multimedia players, touch screen players, and computers. But having said that, use of AVI format for personal use is not out of vogue as yet. So, mp4 to avi – how to convert it is the question. Users still finding it troublesome to find a good, free software for this purpose, given that some software has malware as per some surveys conducted by www.techradar.com. Moreover, the user’s preference for software vary. Some people like programs which are easy to use, others want freeware which provides them control over the output. But there is much such freeware available for both sets of users for both Windows and Mac with a delicate balance of features available.

This freeware will allow you to convert any audio or video file into any format that you want. To convert these files all you have to do is drag and drop the data into the program, choose the output format and you are done translating the file. If you are looking for applications with more settings, you can consider using video and audio editing as well as converting data in bulk also called as batch conversion.
Below you can find step by step instructions on how to convert from MP4 to AVI on Windows or Mac.

Step 1: Installing the program
There is much free software you can choose from based on your preference. Download the appropriate version based on the type of system you are using and install it. When you Click on Open, you will see an interface.
Step 2: Add MP4 files
After opening the program, now you have to add the data that you want to be converted. There are two ways to do that. You can either drag and drop the data to the program or choose the ‘Add File’ option which will allow you to select MP4 files.
Step 3: Select Output format
In the settings window of the program, you will be able to select an output format. It will list out a variety of options, but since you want the file to be AVI format, you should choose AVI as the output format.
Step 4 (Optional): For Advanced Settings
If you are looking for more options like altering the encoding settings and things like that, then you can click on settings tab of the program where you can find more details about the audio and video settings that can be altered.
If you are converting files so that you can watch it on a PS3 or any such device, then you can use the ‘Preset’ options, the other options will be set up automatically.
If you are not familiar with the encoding settings, it is better not to tweak with it.
Step 5: Editing
The program has built-in editing tools which allow you to trim, crop or even join two files together. You can also add special effects to your videos before conversion.
Step 6: Conversion
Click on the Convert button; you can start converting the MP4 file to AVI on Mac or Windows.